Tuesday, 13 September 2016


India is a land for seekers devoting their hearts for knowing reality & experiencing the ultimate truth by abiding in it. Ved helps in deeper understanding of spiritual science. Upanishad's are considered as forehead of ved which points towards reality & establishes unity . The root cause of all conflicts germinates in duality which appear & never let person at rest. Upanishad has 4 mahavakya's which establishes unity of jiva (individual) & Brahm (Supreme) at different stages of his experience. Apart from it ved have broad classification which focus on other aspects of life such as health, safety, development, music etc. The prime purpose of them is for liberating us from the screws of illusion & establish in ultimate truth. Shruti & Smriti's are two forms by which they migrated from one generation to another . Shruti is by hearing their meaning from person who has already experienced whereas Smriti's are travelled through memory retention which took shape of stories.

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