Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sense of Seperatness

The sense of separateness is a colossal fetter. Kill this sense of separateness through Brahma Gyan/Self knowledge, by practicing Non-Duality/Advaitic unity of consciousness and by means of selfless service. This sense of separateness is an illusion created by ignorance or Maya which develops feeling of jiva in beings due to associations.
He who remain static by own pleasures and comforts and treat them equal as both are mere appearances are on the path of spirituality. He carries the master-key to unlock the realms of spiritual bliss.

Balance of mind/Vivek or wisdom brings about real lasting happiness to a disciplined man. It is not a commodity which can be purchased on the market. It is indeed a rare gift which can only be attained by protracted selfless service with Atma Gyan , equal vision, controlled Indriyas and self-restraint, by developing virtues such as adaptability,  tolerance and a high degree of endurance, serenity, calmness, control on temper and  anxieties, worries, fear and depression by spiritual Sadhana and Meditation.

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