Saturday, 16 July 2016

In light of awareness

We all beings can become aware of the tremendous energy that we have within our own self.
Our mind gets distracted by all the things around us. We are capable of creating own thoughts, it becomes our own world.
Our life is usually based on a series of reactions to everything that is happening to us from the external world of stimuli.
Through a very simple practice of turning your mind inward and being able to direct our thoughts, we become able to become our own creator and discover the knowledge within us.
In meditation, we become distant from the physical body – we become aware about our true identity. This enables you to change the image you have of yourself, and have the awareness of your eternal presence. The more we remain as real self, peace and happiness remain our integral part. These characteristics find their expression themselves in our thoughts, words and actions, our behavior and our life. This is a very easy transformation; it requires no struggle, no conflict, no battle, simply a natural, smooth transition.

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