Friday, 15 July 2016

Guru Nanak Dev -- An inspiring message

* हरि बिनु तेरो को सहाई।

काकी मात-पिता सुत बनिता, को काहू को भाई॥

धनु धरनी अरु संपति सगरी जो मानिओ अपनाई।

तन छूटै कुछ संग चालै, कहा ताहि लपटाई॥

दीन दयाल सदा दु:-भंजन, ता सिउ रुचि बढाई।

नानक कहत जगत सभ मिथिआ, ज्यों सुपना रैनाई॥

Guru Nanak Devji experienced and said no one can 
help apart from your own real self (Hari). All relations, 
wealth fall apart which one considers his own permanently. This real self (Hari) is capable of destructing all your sorrows for whom you never developed interest. Nanak says this world is virtual just like your dream. There are no characters after one woke up from dream state but only real self remains in all stages.

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