Thursday, 21 May 2015

Essence : True Self (I) is unaffected by any cause and effect.

मय्यनंतमहांभोधौ जगद्वीचिः स्वभावतः |
उदेतु वास्तमायातु न मे वृद्धिर्न च क्षतिः ||७- २||

The waves of this world may or may not rise in the endless ocean of my existence; they are neither beneficial nor harmful for me. Even waves are mere water only ; nothing other than water. I remain still whether they rise or fall or remain silent. Such is my true Self which remain unaffected by any cause and effect. World is mere a mental projection arising from myself & finally settles in me. In reality world never exists without me ; as it is a mental projection only.

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