Saturday, 23 May 2015

Essence : Senses & their limitations.

न तत्र चक्षुर्गच्छति न वाग्गच्छति नो मनः
न विद्मो न विजानीमो यथैतदनुशिष्यात् |
अन्यदेव तद्विदितादथो अविदितादधि
इति शुश्रुम पूर्वेषां ये नस्तद्व्याचचक्षिरे ||३||

There the eye does not go, nor speech, nor mind. We do not know
That; we do not understand how It can be taught. It is distinct
from the known and also It is beyond the unknown. Thus we have
heard from the ancient (teachers) who told us about It.

These physical eyes are unable to perceive that subtle essence. Nor canbe
expressed by finite language or known by finite intelligence, because it is
infinite. Our conception of knowing finite things is to know their name and
form; but knowledge of God must be distinct from such knowledge. This is why
some declare God to be unknown and unknowable; because He is far more than eye
or mind or speech can perceive, comprehend or express. The Upanishad does not
say that He cannot be known. He is unknowable to man's finite nature. How
can a finite mortal apprehend the Infinite Whole? But He can be known & by knowing "one" all is known.

Kena Upanishad - Khanda 1: Shloka 3

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