Thursday, 21 May 2015

Essence: Real solitude

Ashtaavakra Gita - Chapter 19: Verse 2
अष्टावक्र गीता 19:2
क्व धर्मः क्व च वा कामः क्व चार्थः क्व विवेकिता |
क्व द्वैतं क्व च वाऽद्वैतं स्वमहिम्नि स्थितस्य मे ||१९- २||

Kva dharmahkva cha vaa kaamah kva chaarthah kva vive`kataa, kva dvaitam kva cha vaadvaitam svamahimni sthitasya me`. (2)

For me, established in my own glory, there is no religion,sensuality,possessions,discrimination,intellect, philosophy, duality or even non-duality.

I am established in my mahimaa (grandeur); where is Dharma for me? Where are Kama and Artha, and where is vivek? All else apart, where are dvaita
(duality) and advaita (non-duality) for me?

In my real solitude there is no existence of any other hence there are no boundaries,no responsibilities,no actions,no reactions.

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