Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Essence : All Senses are wandering outside in objects to quench their thirst.

Katha Upanishad - Adhyaya 2: Valli 1: Shloka 1
कठोपनिषद् - अध्याय 2: वल्ली 1: श्लोक 1
पराञ्चि खानि व्यतृणत् स्वयम्भू-
स्तस्मात्पराङ्पश्यति नान्तरात्मन् ।
कश्चिद्धीरः प्रत्यगात्मानमैक्ष-
दावृत्तचक्षुरमृतत्वमिच्छन् ।। १।।
The Self-existent created the senses out-going; for this reason
man sees the external, but not the inner Atman (Self). Some wise man, however, desiring immortality, with eyes turned away (from the external) sees the Atman within.

In the last chapter the Ruler of Death Yama instructed Nachiketas regarding the nature and glory of the Self. Now he shows the reason why the Self is not seen by the majority.

 It is because man's mind is constantly drawn outward through the channels of his senses, and this prevents his seeing the inner Self (Pratyagatman); but now and then a seeker, wiser than others, goes within and attains the vision of the undying Self.

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