Saturday, 14 February 2015

Energy Booster-Religion,Spirituality and Freedom.

Is Freedom-Inner Engineering ?
Life has to be lived to the fullest extent exploring, inventing ,discovering the hidden treasures. We should not live in anyone's influence nor in anyone's absence.It has to be lived with zeal and joy.
Freedom is a broad spectrum, it is not only confined for sensory pleasures . Being in complete resonance and in harmony with our true self is real freedom. Outer expression is just a reflection of our inner state. An Inner Engineering has to be done for designing our bright future ahead. Hardware of all systems performs actions based on the software & its programming. When we are expert in handling & addressing our own thoughts more we are able to concentrate on our source. All beings wish for spring of happiness and joy that too permanent.True happinesscan be derived from absolute freedom only.
Truth is one & itself.It is expressed through different saints or messengers in their own manner.The only way is to tune up to their frequencies & sing a same song rather than singing on others hip-hop uprooted from ego.The music is present all around most important is how much we are receptive towards it.Dancing and tapping on his rhythm is Bhakti or Devotion. Pitching and forcing on others beat is imprisonment.The prime purpose of life is to get attuned. 

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