Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The games people play.Know your real self and enjoy the play……

The games people play. Understanding their roles, attitudes, behaviour, at social platform. Are these false images become burden on our real personality resulting in stress ? 
Know your real self and enjoy the play……

It is very important to analyse all transactions we are performing whether they are financial or social. By understanding transactional analysis we are able to balance our emotional and psychological state. We are able to perform our roles with ease. In its absence these roles become burden and blocks our energies.

Real revolution in life is when our true Self; a pure heart illuminates mind, senses, actions are “KNOWN”. Live life in light of awareness. Knowing is a vital energy at all planes in our life. We live peacefully only when we know the importance of it. We live healthy only when we know the benefits of health for well being. 

Even at the gross level; subtle level or causal level one cannot live in peace until he knows his true Self . So, the basic enquiry about  Who am I ? becomes pre-dominant in everyone’s life. Just by moving blindly one cannot quench his thirst, it will be done by drinking a nectar overflowing in his own heart. Only by knowing itself he can know its original source.

One who has known his true Self ; source of all happiness, is a wise person. He who has experienced it; is a real guru or a master among the masses. In scriptures all verses are written according to different situations and mental levels of human. One who is aware knows which path to follow.

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