Friday, 16 January 2015

Saint speak their experience for spreading peace, harmony,wisdom,knowledge ~

Saint speak their experience for spreading peace, harmony,wisdom,knowledge ~

Truth is one & itself.It is expressed through different saints or messengers in their own manner.The only way is to tune up to their frequencies & sing a same song rather than singing on others hip-hop uprooted from ego.The music is present all around most important is how much we are receptive towards it.Dancing and tapping on his rhythm is Bhakti or Devotion. Pitching and forcing on others beat is imprisonment.The prime purpose of life is to get attuned. 

उमा दारु जोषित की नाईं । सबहि नचावत रामु गोसाईं।।

                    । । एकं सत विप्राः बहुदा वदन्ति ।। 

The greatest enemy in the world is the fear when we are more inclined towards the  opinions, dogmas, principles of others rather than listening our own inner voice. The greatest roar arises from the Self ;its our real expression. Encapsulated in the false identities,principles and dogmas can never lead to liberation.Break the chains and know your true potential.

द्वितीयात्  भयं अस्ति। 

न अल्पे सुखम् अस्ति   । 
या वे भूमा सा वे सुखम्  ।

 वेदांत विज्ञान सुनिश्चितार्था । । 

Courage is inner strength. It empowers & transforms nerves of steel & heart of iron. Fear weakens mind and suppress all mental/physical activities. Fear is always in plurality ; when whole universe is one whom to fear about.

द्वितियात भयम् भवति । 

There can never be happiness in being inferior.

न अल्पम् सुखम् अस्ति ।
या  वे भूमा सा वे सुखम्    ।

Knowing is vital force for all beings . Humans are the best creation in the universe with optimum development of  all faculties of brain. But more important is right  knowing of oneself . By wrong associations of the body and mind internal struggles or battles starts. One can be at peace and at harmony when proper understanding is established. Practicing continuously makes the understanding firm.

रामहि केवल प्रेम प्यारा ।
जानि लेहो सोहि जानन हारा  ।।

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