Friday, 9 January 2015

Life is a celebration when we are at Peace & in Love (24x7)--Happy Bihu in NE-India

Life is a celebration when we are at Peace & in Love (24x7).  Festivals are the breaks reminding us about that peace and love only.Truth is one,peace is one, God is one only expression can be in different ways.

Truth is one & itself.It is expressed through different saints or messengers in their own manner.The only way is to tune up to their frequencies & sing a same song rather than singing on others hip-hop uprooted from ego.The music is present all around most important is how much we are receptive towards it.Dancing and tapping on his rhythm is Bhakti or Devotion. Pitching and forcing on others beat is imprisonment.The prime purpose of life is to get attuned. 

When we are in resonance with our supreme being everything falls at its place. Jingle bells are all around only we have to be receptive to hear that call.Happiness is a basic ingredient in everyone's life
We all are pursuing all activities for happiness.It becomes a full time activity without any restlessness or boredom. These words have gravity only when we live such life full of joy and love. This is in itself being in meditation.
उमा दारु जोषित की नाईं । सबहि नचावत रामु गोसाईं।।

                    । । एकं सत विप्राः बहुदा वदन्ति ।। 

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