Thursday, 15 January 2015

Detoxify yourself at all levels physical, mental and emotional by Knowing the one which is never infected~

Detoxify yourself at all levels physical, mental and emotional. All toxins have impact on these above levels itself and they appear due to our associations with these states. Our true being can never be intoxicated , it is free from all cause n effects.

Basically, detoxification at body level means cleaning the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin.

Detoxification at mental level plays a vital role for healthy n happy living .It is practiced by controlling our thought process. Thoughts are energies; when they are channelized they bring harmony n peace in us; when they are not administered they result in sadness n turbulence. It becomes very essential to have mastery over our thoughts. 

             “As we think so we become.” 

                      जाकी रहि भावना जैसी। 
                      प्रभु मूरत देखई तिन तैसी ।

Now detoxification at the emotional level is very essential to understand. All emotions are uprooted due to our attachments with any person, place or an object. This flourishes objective world from our subjective being. Although it doesn’t have an independent existence other than myself. It becomes so hardened due to repetitive stimulus .One gets encapsulated inside it like a silk worm inside a cocoon. It builds up fine soft silk thread around itself in  such a manner that such silk gets hardened and encapsulates him finally silk worm dies in it.

On contrary spider also builds a web with threads released from nabhi, abdomen. It releases web for his joy and have capability to unwind the same inside his abdomen itself. Spider never gets attached to his web. We should learn from their experience and lead a life of non-attachment, free from burden of desires. Let the God’s will express through us instead of imposing our crystallised expectations on Lord’s will.

This is all about science and art of living happily. We all expect happiness (24x7) through different portfolios –via relations, family, wealth, ownership, status, designations etc without knowing its source. These extensions  later binds us due to lack of understanding and awareness. For attaining complete solution, happiness it is very necessary to know Self. It is the genesis of all. Without knowing the same one can never be at resonance. Once we know our true self all expectations cease to be at end. We are happy by just being in present; as happiness is our true nature. We are born out of it ; plays in it and finally be in it. So, the wandering for happiness ceases as one knows himself as a spring of happiness. This is our real state and it can never be intoxicated by anyone.

  आनन्देन जातानि जीवन्ति। 
एकस्मिन् विज्ञाते सर्वम्  इदं विज्ञातम् भवति। 

By knowing one we know all. Knowing the composition of water H2o in one drop of water we know composition of ocean, rivers, sea,ponds etc.

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