Saturday, 10 January 2015

Are we the masters or slaves of our own black-box ?

For understanding any subject it is always necessary to come to its basic unit.When we buy any land or flat we talk in terms of sq feet or sq meter.When we talk of any device's memory we come to its basic level of Gigabytes(GB). Likewise if we concentrate on our rapid thinking process we have to come down to its basic unit "thoughts". We have to understand anatomy of our thoughts & its origination source. Thoughts are born when we have some expectations. This expectations may be from something or from somebody. In deep sleep there were even no ashes of expectations & every being was very comfortable. All beings are in resonance and in harmony; everyone after all work die to go to sleep. Those who can't sleep due to solidified level of desires;they take pills to sleep. Is this chemical intervention a permanent solution? No it is just a narrow escape from the load of desires hanging all around.
Now if go further in-depth we will find that all thoughts arise when there is sense of i-ness or ego. From this point all struggle starts, based on our likings. For being our true Self-"I" there are no desires needed.Things or people of same frequency enjoy my-ness and of disliking converts into other-ness.Unknowingly this song activates and entraps us in either conditioned love (raga) or in hatred (dvesh)

                               आत्मनस्तु कामाए सर्वम् प्रियम्  भवति।
Now , can fulfillment of desires have strength to bring sheer joy and happiness that too permanent for anyone ? On deep interrogation we will find that fulfilling or nurturing them will never lead to an end. This unending process will always make our life miserable. So, the only way is to get rid of them by deep understanding and thinking process ; not by any coercion or an influence. 
Its a common misunderstanding that we always recognize ourselves with some associations. We associate with body and consider ourselves as a body, later we associate with some designation coined by society and say I am minister.This chain of i-ness and my-ness elongates and strengthen.

                                             मैं और मोर तोर ते माया । 
                                        जेहिं बस केिनहिं जीव निकाया । । 
Effortlessness is our natural state & under the influence of desires we start putting efforts. When these desires remain unfulfilled they act as a thorn and obstructs our natural state.When desires are fulfilled; all efforts turn towards safety and from here fear factor dominates.Life becomes miserable by this engagement.Life is meant for experiencing joy and happiness as it has emerged out of it.
                                              आनन्देन जातानि जीवन्ति। 
 By activating thinking process we can uplift ourselves from adverse situations. We can than decide between real and imaginary. Then only we can be creators of happiness and peace else we can be just a puppet in the hands of desires wandering like an aramusk searching for a musk in a forest.

                                             जेहिं जाने जग जाए हेराही। 
                                              जागे यथा सपन भ्रम जाई ।

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