Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Women Empowerment

For free societies it is very important that all men & women are on common platform. By mutual understanding only nations both strong pillars can stand. On ethical levels it should be with due respect and on other fronts i.e social, economical it should be equally measured.

The subject of empowerment of women is a burning issue & a center of concern for entire world. As a result of discrimination's; imbalance is created.Now nations are  emphasizing'  that the gender issue is to be given utmost priority.Due to inequalities' lot of imbalance is present in the societies. Thus, women’s quest for equality with man is a universal phenomenon. 

There should be equality with men in matters of education, employment, inheritance, marriage, politics and religion also. Women want to have for themselves the same strategies of change which menfolk have had over the centuries such as equal pay for equal work. Their quest for equality has given birth to the formation of many women’s associations and launching of movements.

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