Monday, 22 December 2014

Will Power or an ill power

Do we have Will Power or an ill power ?

Will Power or an ill power both are powers derived from the same source but with entirely different perspectives.Desires which emerges from our subjective being supported by divinity turns into pure Will Power . On contrary, Desires which emerges from objective perspective supported by divinity leads to ill power. 

So it is more important whether we are driven by self power or we are dragged by ill power. When the outer world or an appearance is more important the objective perspective becomes dominant which leads to obsession. It is a state of possessiveness where struggle for achievement of objects or for security of objects is ever haunting.These unfulfilled desires leads to anger,rage,fear etc lower levels of feelings or emotions. This further leads to weak personality or split personality.

When the desires emerge from our subjective being where inner world is dominant it blossoms as Will Power or self power. This leads to an integrated personality; value based system in the society & ethical emergence for well being. Strong societies and nations are built; when all inner engineering is done at individual level.This sets up an ecological balance & harmony with nature also.

Above picture in green color represents integrated personality who is in complete resonance with himself whereas other two states of disintegrated personality burdened with loads of objective desires which sets them on fire.

 जाकी  रही  भावना  जैसी  । 
प्रभु मूरत देखहिं तिन तैसी । ।

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