Thursday, 11 December 2014

Vicious Circle-Birth-Death-Pleasure-Happiness

What's your observation for the circular movement of these birds ? Are they struggling for their liberation ? Similarly, are we all moving on the pavements of birth and death and struggling for real freedom. This is the basic enquiry of all beings.

Freedom is our birth right but have we ever exercised or enjoyed it. Have we ever allowed happiness to explode ?  We have always enjoyed sensory pleasures ; an association where there is dependence on people,place,situations  or objects. Our pleasures are just ripples in the fresh pond ; they give temporary satisfaction for a fraction and sublimes.

We always throw our happiness on some situations and start struggling for that moment to come.
When we achieve it ; than a temporary pause and all contrary impulses activates for further achievements. This vicious circle starts and no time left for thoughts all activities geared up mechanically. All beings become bonded by their own mental chains and struggle begins.
We become slaves of our own mental dogmas. Later when our all physical and mental energies are exhausted then we think now what to do ? We start aspiring for new instruments -body-mind in order to express ourselves . There is again dependence factor involved for us to prove our existence. Is this the freedom ; happiness ?

Freedom and real happiness are never dependent nor inter -dependent on any object. They are our real nature . In deep sleep do we need anyone to be at complete rest ; of course not . Since there is no one except our own presence we observe total 360 degree satisfaction.Here is an  Ancient Greek aphorism ----"know thyself".

 To begin with, to "know thyself" means you must become conscious of your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, your prejudices, habits, memories, etc., ...instead of being mechanical , be in the original state of consciousness-vibrant,self illuminating,radiant,ever present.

Till the pleasures derived from the instruments ie from senses only consider them as pain only.
Happiness from the roots; from the source and its a fountain of real joy; independent from all.

यत् सुखम् साधन आधिनम्   ।
तत् सुखम् दुखम् एव हि       । ।

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