Thursday, 11 December 2014


There is old saying that people fall in Love . Is it  true ? This is  only when we have series of expectations  from each other  at physical or at mental levels. Here Love starts struggling for its expression .

True Love emerges when we have no expectations from any person or objects. We are in complete resonance with ourselves. We enjoy our freedom & natural state of existence . There is no suffocation or bondage at any level. Life plays its flutes and energies explodes Then we rise in Love and enjoy life filled with reverence. Lord in itself sing through his instrument. Its an upliftment of human beings & inner blossoming rather than degrading human values due to burden of expectations.

                                     । ।  आत्मनस्तु कामाय सर्वम् प्रियम्  भवति । ।

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