Monday, 29 December 2014

Quench your inner thirst - Life is a celebration


 Life is a celebration for those who know the art of joy; who know their true self. They never become victim of false identity. Until we know our true state we can never be at peace. All struggles are for attaining peace and happiness only. If we just question ourselves, what we will get from this  work ,answer will be money,recognition etc. On further interrogation from money what we will get answer will be satisfaction of family needs etc. On further interrogation from their satisfaction what will you get, the answer will be peace and happiness. So, final destination of all struggles is to attain its original state of peace itself.There is no identity crisis as only true self illuminates as a reality and all appearance merges in it.
All rivers from their origination  rushing and gushing consistently in order to meet an ocean. They all come to rest only when they loose their identity of being river and merges in an ocean. Now only ocean remains there are no rudiments of river . If you ask where is river than answer will be sorry only ocean there none other exist.Similarly until we recognize our true identity we all are rushing here and there to quench our inner thirst like river. The day we recognise our true self there remains ocean only as river became aware that I am ocean only. 

जिमि सरिता सागर मह जाई । 
होए अचल ज्यों जीव हरि पाई ।

न अल्पे सुखम् अस्ति । या वे भूमा ता वे सुखम् ।। 


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