Wednesday, 10 December 2014


God's Grace is ever present for all in abundance. Its more vital that how much we are receptive towards the same. Similarly in Universe radio or electromagnetic waves are through out present but it becomes more important what is the condition of our radio or cellphones. Are they receptive enough to efficiently function ; just think ? If they are in perfect condition they will be the instrument in service and if not than they are part of junk yard. Similarly when we all are able to efficiently perceive the thoughts and align them for the better cause we are in service by God's Grace else we are a part of Graveyard.

GRACE is the instrument in service or functioning and GRAVE is instrument in dead condition.

Our Body, Mind, Intellect are mere instruments in service whereas our natural source is vibrant , omnipresent and basic ingredient of all.

अवधूत गीता -----
ईश्वर: अनुग्रहात् पुन्साम्  अद्वैत् वासना ।
The legendary example of God's Grace is when ,man starts thinking about God itself . This is finest and purest wish of man in this world which is by Gods Grace itself.

गोस्वामी तुलसीदास =====

कभहु की करुना नर तन  देही ।
देत ईश बिनु हेतु  सनेही   । ।
 Its the God Grace that we all are best piece of craftsman. He have shaped us as human and even more important is that he has desired nothing from us in reciprocation. Its his sheer joy and love emulsified together which is never expecting.

We should just focus on his Grace and with reverence thank him for the same. It is a Prayer from our heart and soul.

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