Friday, 12 December 2014

Desires sets on fire bhagwat gita

Desires are the thoughts generated due to over expectations & possessiveness.
We fix our happiness on some object (person, place or thing) and start clinging on that particular target.We throw our joy inside out;later start chasing for that.
There starts burning sensations at all levels-physical ,psychological,emotional.
There is no instant burnol to soothe us until we become aware of these weak thoughts at initial levels only. We can handle them once we become aware of its source.

भगवत् गीता ===
काम एष क्रोध् एष रजोगुण समुद्भव  ।
महाशनो महापापमा विधि एनं हि वेरिनम्  
Due to over expectations;desires are generated from rajoguna. These desires ablaze and get us involved in unplanned activities. When these leads to unexpected results there are volcanic eruptions in form of anger. These tendencies are never ending if not handled with awareness. Consider them as your enemies.

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