Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Courage is inner strength. It empowers & transforms nerves of steel & heart of iron. Fear weakens mind and suppress all mental/physical activities. Fear is always in plurality ; when whole universe is one whom to fear about.

द्वितियात भयम् भवति । 

There can never be happiness in being inferior.

न अल्पम् सुखम् अस्ति ।
या  वे भूमा सा वे सुखम्    ।

Knowing is vital force for all beings . Humans are the best creation in the universe with optimum development of  all faculties of brain. But more important is right  knowing of oneself . By wrong associations of body & mind internal struggles /battles starts. One can be at peace n at harmony when proper understanding is established. Practicing continuously makes the understanding firm.

रामहि केवल प्रेम प्यारा ।
जानि लेहो सोहि जानन हारा  ।।

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