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Conditionally Cultured mind or Pure Enlightened being

srimanarayan srimanarayan srimanarayan

Are we conditionally cultured mind or we are pure enlightened being with no cluttered mind.

Conditioning is the method of learning by associations. There are impulses generated in order to respond to stimuli. ABC technique stands for Antecedent-Behavior-Consequent. ABC analysis involves understanding the stimuli for behavior and the subsequent events that may act as reinforcement.Analyzing behavior not just by looking at what happened but also at what happened beforehand to trigger the behavior and what happened afterwards to reinforce it, encouraging the pattern to repeat again.Then change the behavior by changing the reinforcement, stimulus or both.This process becomes so spontaneous & solidified that we become puppets of our own impulses. These impulses are targeted by media,advertisers etc in order to make impulsive responses. There are 4 stress agents


Pavlov applied electric shocks on the legs of the dogs as a part of the conditioning process. He found that if the voltage was too high, dogs were in immense pain


Another physical method of causing stress was to exhaust them, either by over-working them or by depriving them of food. Either way, the result was that the dogs' ability to resist stress.


A further way of inducing stress was to cause cognitive distress by inserting a delay between the ringing of the bell (that signaled meal-time) and the delivery of the food to the dog. The dogs thus experienced the Cognitive Dissonance of expecting food and finding that it was not there when it should be.


Finally, he could use conflicting signals such that the dogs could not predict what to expect, and hence became confused and uncertain. As with the effect of delay, this method induced additional cognitive processing that eventually led to exhaustion and an inability to cope.
We all need happiness and peace that too permanent in nature. But by renting out our freedom in hands of our impulses how we can enjoy.It is always better to have clear understanding about our nature & our real self. When we are aware about our true self than only we will not opt for bondage.These associations will never get grossified into attachments.One can be now enjoy their real being.

       । । यत सुखम् साधन आधिनम् तत सुखम् दुखम् ऐव हि  ।

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