Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Appearance or Reality

What is reality? Which is reflection? Are  both exisit ?

This is a mystery which everyone want to unfold. But there are few courageous who breaks the labyrinth and find the orginal face. Similar is puzzle of this world also; in sleep subtle world appears be to real where dreams floats and when wake up this gross world appears to be true. In deep sleep all vanishes and only I remains. What is this trans migration ? Are these all 3 stages real ? This is basic experience and puzzle for all .

All inventions and discoveries starts from basic unit.
Similarly resolution of this query also starts from individual itself.When this thought activates and rise to its threshold level than person starts searching for its solution also. 

On deep analysis we will find that all of these 3 states are mere states of mind itself. They are just appearances whereas there is one; who is static & real. He has witnessed of 3 stages and still never attached with any.That 'he' is none other than myself

अस्ति भाति प्रियं नाम रूपं चैतन्य पंचकम् । 
आदि त्रियं ब्रह्म रूपं जगत रूपं तथो द्वयम् ।। 

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